Review #1 - orderup.

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orderup. - the self-proclaimed "pizzeria taqueria burgeria" - has been serving customers from its location in a Lincoln Heights strip mall since 2004. (There is also an orderup. located off I-10 in the Colonnade.)

Ordering at orderup can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. Basically, the menu consists of pizzas, tacos and burgers - with a small number of sides, beverages and desserts to choose from - but with 36 possible toppings to go with any of these, it was hard to resist the urge to panic and order something like the pineapple-sundried tomato-anchovy-bleu cheese burger. Thankfully, we all resisted this temptation and ordered regular cheeseburgers (although Burger Boy did get a fried egg on his).

The Burger - 6.5 out of 10

The burger, which arrived wrapped in white paper, was big enough for two hands but not enormous. One side of the bun was fried in butter (which not only added to the burger's flavor but kept the bun from getting soggy), but the outside of the bun was soft. The patty was not very thick but had a good flavor, and the meat was a little pink in the center. The toppings - lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle - were fresh, although Hamburglar thought his burger had too much mustard.

Overall, orderup. serves up a good burger, with no big strikes against it, but the burger lacked its own personality. We all agreed that nothing really set it apart from other "good" burgers we'd had before.

Sides - 4 out of 10

That being said, the fries did remind us of other bad fries we'd had before. They were a little bit soggy. One thing the fries did have going for them - they came in a paper-cone-thing. Overall, not too impressive. However, we were still a little hungry after finishing our burgers, so we ate most of them anyway before remembering to take a picture.

As for other sides, while there are no tater tots or onion rings on the menu, you can order chips and salsa, a salad or soup. But if you want a salad or soup, you've come to the wrong blog. Besides, you probably already went to lunch at la Madeleine.

Ambience - 5 out of 10

Orderup. is nice and new inside, but it is a bit bland in terms of atmosphere. The restaurant lacks character, which most good burger joints we've been to have in spades. We couldn't shake the feeling that we were eating lunch in a suburban strip mall, which, in fact, we were.

Price - Good

We paid about what we would expect for a decent burger - $4.95 (+ $.50 for cheese).

Service - Good

We ordered. The food got to us in a few minutes and was still hot. We ate it. Good enough.

Have you ever been to a good burger joint where they put your napkin on your lap for you?


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