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Posted by Fry Daddy | | Posted On Sunday, December 28, 2008 at 7:28 PM

We like burgers.

We assume most people do, which is why we decided to start this blog about San Antonio's burger joints. We've been to several burger joints in town already, but, like most people, we generally eat at the same 4 or 5 places over and over again. We felt like we had a pretty good idea what San Antonio had to offer in terms of burgers, and since we weren't disappointed with what we'd experienced so far, we were satisfied to leave it at that.

But something nagged at us - what if there were more great burger joints in town and we just didn't know about them? Were the burger places we were going to the best just because they were the most well known, the most visible, or the most accessible to us?

You can imagine how many sleepless nights we spent pondering these important questions.

And finally the answer came to us. We wouldn't be content. We wouldn't rest until we had uncovered and rated every burger joint in the San Antonio area. And we would share our newfound wisdom with the rest of the world. Everyone would know about these burger joints - the good, the bad, the greasy, the trendy, the dirty, the scary, and so on.

And so San Antonio Burger Blog was born.

The Ratings

Our rating system is simple. We rate each burger on a scale of 1 to 10, providing a brief explanation for our decision. We originally contemplated a more complex rating system - with separate categories for juiciness, size, toppings, bun-to-meat ratio, aerodynamics, etc. - but we'd be lying if we said this was a science. Rating a burger is ultimately a highly subjective process, and each burger is unique, so inputting data and spitting out a number based on a formula didn't really make sense to us. Besides, we didn't want to create perverse incentives for the burger makers wanting to see their burgers creep up in the ratings. You can make the world's biggest or juiciest burger, but if it tastes like month-old meatloaf, it's not breaking any records as far as we're concerned.

In addition to the burgers themselves, burger joints will also be rated on their sides (usually fries, tater tots or onion rings, but of course there can be others) and their ambience (since we feel that atmosphere is one of the keys to a good burger joint). We may also include price, service and other factors in our reviews.

We should note that, while we have eaten at several San Antonio burger joints before, no burger joint will get a free pass just because we had a good burger the last time we ate there. Each burger will be judged entirely on its own merits.

And We Are . . .

People with regular jobs and lives who are doing this because we love burgers:

Fry Daddy


Burger Queen (retired)

Burger Boy

Justice Warren E. Burger

Where's the Beef

Prefers His Tots Tatered

Burgermeister Meisterburger

"#1 With Cheese"

Colonel Mustard


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