Review #7 - Lucky Burger [RIP]

Posted by BurgerGal | | Posted On Monday, February 2, 2009 at 9:42 AM

Do You Want to Get Lucky?

We sure did! Nearly 10 of us headed north for Lucky Burger, a San Antonio burger joint. Upon arrival, there was ample parking (which you will note is something we consider when ranking San Antonio burger spots) and outdoor seating, which is a huge perk.

We unloaded from my car which was like a circus with acrobatics - you know, the act where LOTS of clowns pile out of one car. What we didn't know was it was a foreshadowing of what was to come.

I have never seen so many creepy clowns decorating a restaurant, and I was not the only one to notice. See picture for further details...

The restaurant was not crowded yet as we tend to hit the San Antonio burger destinations at an early hour, similar to the early bird diners. We lined up at the counter and started ordering.

The kitchen is in plain sight and is clean.

The burger blog writers typically order the same burger at each restaurant so we can fairly judge each San Antonio burger spot. We are usually a little wild on fries, tots or rings and mix it up a bit more with drinks and shakes (this is a pretty racy crowd). The prices were fair, but a perk was you can order 1/2 baskets of side items.

We dined outside in beautiful, sunny, San Antonio weather. Conversation was fun - borderline inappropriate, but at the end of the lunch, we felt a little luckier!

The Burger - 6 out of 10

So, diving into the details - the burgers were good, not great, not our favorite, but certainly not the worst we have had by a long shot. The burgers were well seasoned, but what we all noticed was the burger-to-bun ratio. It was off, as illustrated by the following diagram:

The Lucky sauce was good, though the comment was made that it tasted like sour Thousand Island. Not many braved the special sauce. Some complained the burgers were not hot enough, others noted the dryness.

Sides - 7 out of 10

What stood out above everything were the onion rings - the best most of us have had in a while. The onion rings are hand breaded and delicious. They give you a lot too. We continued passing these around the table. Honorable mention goes to the chili-cheese fries. They were devoured by their purchaser, BurgerBoy, who I believe did not even offer up a sharing bite.

Fries were not so good, which lowered the overall score of side items. They were not crispy, but we noted that they did seem freshly made.

We washed down Lucky Burgers with a round of milkshakes, made with Blue Bell ice cream. They were de-licious!

Ambience - 5 out of 10

See creepy clown discussion above.

We were a little freaked out upon seeing the Pac-Man/Galaga machine, since these have been in 3 of the last 4 burger joints we have reviewed. Something weird is going on here . . .

Service - 6 out of 10

The guy who took our order was friendly, and as far as we can tell no one spit in our food.

Price - 6 out of 10

Lucky for us, burgers and sides were reasonably priced.


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