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In the location that used to be the home to one of San Antonio’s oldest and best-known burger joints (“Little Hipps”) sits a burger “restaurant” fashioned after an old Texas road house. What quality of burger can I expect to spring forth from a non-descript orange sheet metal building on a busy street just north of downtown? I could be in for a fantastic surprise or a horrible let-down . . . If I hadn’t been here about a million times before!

Yes, Burger Blog fans. Armadillo’s is one of our regular haunts. I could’ve probably done this review without even visiting the place or sampling the fare, but that simply wouldn’t be fair. So if you haven’t yet decided to try a burger from a place famously named after my favorite Texas road kill dish, here goes . . .

As you approach Armadillo’s by vehicle, the first thing you might wonder is – where the hell do I park? There is precious little outside the building, and like I said, we are on a busy street so parking across the street and crossing may get you put on the menu. But don’t pass it by; it is worth the trouble in finding a parking place and dodging traffic.

As you enter Armadillo’s, you are immediately struck by the relative cavernous feel of the interior, considering the clapboard outward appearance. This is a place where the masses can gather for a tasty meal – politicians, city workers, financiers, policemen, attorneys, and doctors. Hey, as a matter of fact, that is my doctor right there. Thankfully, he did not recognize me since I was not coughing . . .

If you can find a table (it was almost full when we got there and there was a wait when we left – probably because we wasted our time taking all these damn pictures), you will see that Armadillo’s has a pretty full menu, with several options apart from burgers. Someone actually comes to your table to take your order and then the same person delivers your food to the table. So don’t insult them or they will spit in your food.

Burgers – 7.5 out of 10

The burgers are well-seasoned and cooked closer to well done – like I like them. As the pictures below show, Armadillo’s has ample options in terms of burger size. As Fry Daddy can attest, they give you lots of options for toppings, too!

Fry Daddy - Good, solid burger with lots of flavor (actually, a bit over-seasoned for my taste). My burger also came with a bonus ingredient, free of charge - a jalapeño that somehow found its way into the pickle jar.

“Ooooh! Look at the seasoning.”

It also has several options for the heavy eaters among us, including a 1 ½ lbs and 3 lbs burger. If we had ordered it, it would have looked like this . . .

Sides – 8 out of 10

Armadillo’s has several appetizer and side options but only two of the three we care about - tots and fries (no rings). One of the better side combinations we have come across so far. And I think that Burger Boy thinks they are great.

Burger Boy – “Armadillos does great fries and tots. Together with a great burger it is really great.”

Fry Daddy – “The tots were worth their weight in gold. The fries were decent but a little underdone.”

They also had lots of condiments

Ambiance – 8 out of 10

What separates Armadillo’s from its lesser brethren is its thematic consistency. It had a picture of its mascot “Arny the Armadillo” . . .

It also had items to reinforce the feeling that they were serving you road kill, like a standard Texas roadhouse. They show you the remains of the animal used to make your burger . . .

And they also warn you to watch out for the little “Arny’s.” While I did not specifically see a reference to it on the menu, I suppose you could run down your own armadillo and they might make it into a burger for you.

Other than that, Armadillo’s has the typical ambience for a burger joint. Lots of junk on the walls. There was a jukebox, which had a full assortment of records from across the generations – including, to Burger Boy’s delight, several of the hit tunes from “WHAM!” Thankfully, Fry Daddy confiscated all of Burger Boy’s loose change so that he was not able to subject us and the whole restaurant to his awful taste in music.

However, if you are looking forward to eating your lunch al fresco with a nice view, this is not the place.

Fry Daddy - “The only thing missing was a little sunlight. Apparently, armadillos are cave dwellers.”

Service – 5 out of 5

Table service – what can I say?

Price – 4 out of 5

Not the cheapest burger, but also not the most expensive. You know, this is a stupid category. If you can’t afford to spend $7-10 for lunch, then brown bag it. We’ll let you know if something is astronomical in price, but otherwise, this category is not worth the effort.

Overall – 8 out of 10

I guess there is a reason we keep coming back to Armadillo’s. Good burgers, good sides, good ambience. You know, the whole “road kill” theme doesn’t necessarily scare me off. In fact, I will gladly try other road kill-themed restaurants in the future. Anyone wanna go to “The Bloated Cow” or “The Maggot-Infested Skunk?”


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