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Don't worry San Antonio burger fans, we bloggers know how important this blog is to you and our community and we are taking all appropriate steps to protect it from all delusional, nuclear armed, communists that would seek to destroy it. Accordingly we present our review of Timbo's and challenge all enemies of democracy and the internet to stop us.

While Timbo's is best described as a slightly better than average burger joint in SA, this blogger is confident that it would be the height of fine cuisine in Pyongyang. Located on the access road to IH 35 North near Broadway Timbo's is a quick drive from downtown.

In stark contrast to many other burger joints, you order your meal at Timbo's at your table from their friendly waitstaff. While this adds some expense and time to your experience it gives you more time to study and appreciate Timbo's extensive collection of wall art.

The menu at Timbo's has all the standard burger choices plus "other good stuff"; unfortunately you will find no deals at Timbo's. And don't forget to tip your waitress.

The Burger: 7 out of 10. Aptly described by Hamburglar as "a solid burger, but a little overpriced and missing that certain something to take it to the upper echelon," the burgers at Timbo's were above average, but pricey. Bloggers found thin well seasoned patties with ample cheese on buns that on a few occasions turned out soggy. Go in expecting a slightly above average burger and you won't be disappointed, except perhaps by the price.

Sides: 7.5 out of 10. Timbo's sides were the highlight for most bloggers. In addition to the sides trifecta of fries, tots, and rings, Timbo's also offers unique choices including shypoke eggs which are not eggs at all but rather chips covered with jalapenos and two types of cheese. The fries and tots both received solid reviews but skip the rings, which came out soggy, and try the shypoke eggs.

Ambiance: 7 out of 10. You can tell Timbo's is fairly new because, while it certainly has an abundance of burger paraphernalia, it lacks a certain authenticity that other, more established burger joints have acquired over the years. Or as Justice Warren E. Burger noted, "It was just sort of a big room with crap on the walls." Timbo's gained points from BurgerGal for "being much cleaner that most of the dives we have been to." The biggest drawback for this blogger was having to order my burger at the table. The best burger joints require you to stand in line and order from the grease stained menu on the wall, not from a waiter at your table.

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And if you are looking for a solid burger joint close to downtown, check out Timbo's; just make sure to stop at an ATM on your way.


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