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We’ve fallen a little behind in our reviews/posts and we apologize. We were sidetracked by the holidays and all the turkey, ham, dressing and, in Burger Boy’s case, gizzards. But, we are back and ready to start anew, and we already have a few reviews in the queue to be fired off in slew.

Big’z is located at 2303 N. Loop 1604 W., on the north side of 1604 between Bitters and Huebner. The place looks like a bit like a giant red barn and is hard to miss. For those who don’t know, Big’z is owned by the well known San Antonio chef Andrew Weissman and was ranked 21st by Texas Monthly as one of the 50 Best Hamburgers in Texas. With its pedigree and accolade, we gathered up our group of burger bloggers with families in tow to experience a burger joint owned by a world renowned chef. We were anticipating a frou-frou restaurant, but what we got was a happening burger joint that’s ideal for families.

Below is what greets you when you walk in the door to Big’z. In my opinion, a restaurant should always offer their patrons an iced down cold one when they walk in the door, this is Texas for crying out loud let’s keep up the hospitality.
While you peruse your beverage selection, you can stare at the giant menu on the wall and wonder if the over-sized menu is why they call the place Big'z.

The Burger – 7.5 out of 10

This is a solid burger: ½ pound of fresh ground Angus beef, cooked medium (unless ordered otherwise), well seasoned and served naked with fresh toppings on the side and a stocked condiment bar in the waiting. On the plus side, you can add a wide variety of toppings to your burger for a little extra green - I added some sliced avocados and was not disappointed. On the negative side, we couldn’t put our fingers on exactly what was missing on the Big'z burger, but the burger as a whole was lacking a certain something. I’ll let my fellow bloggers have a shot at describing the Big’z Burger:

Fry Daddy: The burger looked good when it came out. The meat was cooked medium as ordered and was adequately seasoned and the other ingredients were fresh. But, at least in this case, the whole was not greater than the sum of its parts, and I was a bit disappointed with the end product. This was a good solid burger, but it lacked that special something to bump it into the ranks of San Antonio burger royalty.

Prefers His Tots Tatered: This is a tale of two burgers. If I was judging by meat only, I would probably give it closer to a 9 as the patty was thick, juicy and pretty damn tasty. However, there is more to a burger than just the patty. The problem with Big’z is that the bun is just average and the fixins are sub-standard for a quality burger joint. Also, I am still bitter about forgetting to make my burger “dirty.”

What did Prefers His Tots Tatered mean by making a burger dirty you ask?

Well, I’ll let the picture below and Burger Boy speak to that:

Burger Boy: This was a solid burger that became a great burger because I exercised the option to add a fried egg. To employ the parlance of Big’z, I definitely like my burgers “dirty.” You will too. Prefers his tots tattered looked so sad that he forgot to get his burger dirty.

Sides – 7 out of 10

Decent fries and tasty hand-battered onion rings are what Big’z brings to the table. Unfortunately, Big’z is missing what I fear may becoming an extinct side in American burger joints, the elusive tater tot. It seems like more and more burger joints are not offering the golden nuggets of goodness. I’m going to look into starting an ad campaign to bring these babies back!

Prefers His Tots Tatered said it best, “While the onion rings were definitely hand battered and delicious, the fries seemed like they were straight from the frozen bag. Plus, there were no tots so Bigz gets some minus points with me. I will say though that I do enjoy my fair share of adult beverages, and Bigz has a great selection, including several beers on tap. Prosit!”

Ambiance – 8.0 out of 10

Ambiance is where Big’z has the ability to shine. As we’ve said before, our ratings are based upon our official visit to a burger joint, so sometimes a burger joint may have an off day when we swing by for our review. In the case of Big’z during our official visit, the place was slammed with people. In fact, I think Dick Cheney may have made an appearance (see picture below).

Fry Daddy hit the nail on the head with his summary of the ambiance: “Big’z’ ambience on a weeknight is almost a 10, with the shady patio dining area being the perfect place to relax and enjoy a burger while your kids wear themselves out running circles on the Astroturf. On Saturday night, though, when just finding a parking space is a tremendous accomplishment and the swarms of people on the patio and Astroturf are reminiscent of an anthill after a donut has been dropped on it, ambience is probably about a 5. The cavernous interior dining area doesn’t help Big’z any in this respect. If I wanted to eat dinner in a concrete bunker, I would visit Burgermeister Meisterburger, who probably has one in his backyard stocked with ammo and MREs.”
Hitting Big’z on a cool San Antonio night and dining out on the patio while the little tots run themselves ragged and you toss back a tall boy with a tasty burger can be idealistic, but timing the visit on a night when the crowd is small can be priceless. Check Big'z out on a week night and you’ll likely have yourself a MasterCard moment.


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