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In Memoriam

I write this review with mixed emotions. Let me start off by stating that Bobby J’s deserves to be among S.A.’s best. The place serves fantastic burgers, and in fact, we gave it one of the highest ratings to date. That being said, upon our arrival to Bobby J’s, we learned that the man behind the burger had recently passed away. This came as a shock to this certain blogger as growing up in the Helotes area, I had quite my fair share of Bobby J’s burgers over the years. Actually, I’d like to think that my friends and I personally kept this place open during its first year of business as we routinely stopped in for our senior lunch in high school.

For those of you who have yet to travel out to try this magnificent burger, Bobby J’s is located at 13247 Bandera Road in Helotes (before you reach Floore Country Store).

Word has gotten out over the years, and this place is no longer a local secret. Even the food critics have taken notice. Upon entering, you’re welcomed with a wall covered with awards and accolades bestowed upon Bobby J's throughout the years.

While glancing over all the honors, we noticed one memorial plaque that stood out.
Sadly, we realized that the man who started it all had just passed away. Of course, this surprising news saddened us, but we were comforted to read that his children planned to carry on the legacy and continue to run the place.

I think if Bobby J were still around, he would approve of our endeavor to find the best burger in town. On the webpage, it says that after deciding to open up a burger joint, Bobby J and his wife went all over the Alamo city to try every burger in town. He then took the top ones, and tried to duplicate them in some respects and improve on them in others. Well, all I can say is well done sir. Well done.

Burger – 9 out of 10

Bobby J’s got a whopping 9 from our reviewers, which is saying a lot. We’re pretty close to hitting up all the places in town, so we’re not easily impressed anymore. But this burger does not disappoint.

The burger comes out piping hot with just the right amount of greasiness plus a great tasting patty topped with ample mayo and fresh veggies. I personally like their use of diced onions versus the typical sliced variety. My fellow bloggers seemed to have the same opinion.

Fry Daddy: I ordered the 1/2 pound cheeseburger, unlike my sissified fellow diners, who all ordered 1/3 pound burgers. The massive 1/2 pound patty spilling over the super greasy bun immediately reminded me of a Chris Madrid’s Macho burger. Far from being a Chris Madrid’s knock-off, though, Bobby J’s burger has an appeal all its own and deserves a place among San Antonio’s burger elite. The meat patty was not thick but was still plenty juicy with just the right amount of seasoning, striking a delicate balance elusive to many burger places we’ve visited. The burger comes topped with mayo and lots of shredded lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion.

Hamburglar: Fantastically flavored burger with an addictive taste and a sinfully delicious bun.

Where’s the Beef: The bun was the highlight for me- toasted to perfection with a nice glossy sheen of butter. I liked the multitude of options for the burgers (not only style but the ¼, 1/3 and ½ pound size options), and it was nice to have a selection of 4 or 5 different cheeses. The burger patty itself was very tasty. I’d make the trip out to the hinterland again for this one.

Sides – 9 out of 10

Bobby J's didn’t just stop with the burger. Unlike so many places that put all their effort into the burger yet neglect the all important sides, Bobby J’s stayed strong. We tried the fries, onion rings, tator tots, and fried pickles, but there were even more options that we just couldn’t fit into our bellies. The fries were hand-cut, and the fry cook managed to perfect that delicate balance between crispy but not burnt. The onion rings were definitely hand battered, and the tots and fried pickles were tasty too.

Fry Daddy: Bobby J’s is a strong contender in the sides bracket. Not only does Bobby J’s do an excellent job when it comes to the tripartite sides package (fries, tots and rings), its menu includes other notable sides offerings (such as fried pickles). The fries were thick, firm but not overdone, and among the best I’ve had anywhere.

Hamburglar: Bobby J’s brings the sides trifecta with rings, tots and fries - each one seasoned perfectly.

Where’s the Beef: The sides were great. Fries were well seasoned, and the onion rings looked homemade and were equally delicious. Tots were pretty standard, but Bobby J’s also had a wide array of alternative sides, such as fried zucchini, fried pickle spears and sweet potato fries.

Ambience – 8 out of 10

Bobby J's has plenty of dining options for your visit. You can dine in one of the many rooms inside, sit on the front porch, or sit in the big pavilion out back.

Unfortunately for us, it was cold and rainy on our visit, so we stuck to inside dining rather than being able to eat al fresco.

The interior is put together like most burger joints with all sorts of random flair on the walls.

They even decorate according to the season. We went right around Christmas, so we were treated with some holiday cheer.

Even the taxidermy gets a Christmas make-over.

Overall, the atmosphere is pretty welcoming and enjoyable.

Fry Daddy: Typical burger joint kitsch, but with such amazing food at Bobby J’s, the ambience only merits a mere footnote.

Hamburglar: Typical burger joint flair on the inside, but they have a nice outdoor pavilion to dine on when the weather in San Antonio is just right.

Where’s the Beef: Standard burger joint décor with some South Texas flair. Very clean. I was sad to see Bobby J recently passed away, but the family is definitely doing a great job at carrying on the legacy.

After gorging ourselves on Bobby J's delicious fare, we left with full stomachs but sad hearts. R.I.P. Bobby J. You sure knew how to make a damn good burger (and it appears that your children do too).


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