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What is your favorite sports time of the year? I know that some people live and die by college football and can’t wait until Late August/September when the season begins. For others the Daytona 500 in February of every year signals the springtime rebirth of all that is good in this world. The sports climax for others occurs over seven nights’ of baseball in late October.

But for me, it has always been March Madness, the BIG Dance, the NCAA College Basketball Tournament. It is a time for once-in-a-lifetime performances, Cinderella upsets, dark horses emerging from the field and David kickin’ Goliath’s butt! This time of year whips me into a frenzy of emotions as I watch MY teams advance (or not) and fall in love anew with the likes of the Santa Clara Broncos , the George Mason Patriots (I HAAAATE UConn!) , the Villanova Wildcats, and of course, Jimmy V and the Wolfpack.

It is in this same spirit that we present the first annual San Antonio Burger Blog Burger Tournament, which we will dub “MARCH FATNESS!!!!” Over the next three weeks, we will conduct a face-off of our eight top-ranked burger joints in a single elimination tournament format. We will revisit and re-evaluate the burgers on back-to-back days and pick a winner of each match-up who will move on to the next round. After a total of three rounds, seven burger match-ups and FOURTEEN burger feasts, a WINNER will emerge – and they will reign as the UNDISPUTED** BURGER CHAMPION OF THE (san antonio) UNIVERSE!!

** - Undisputed, at least, until you, our loyal readers and avid burgerphiles, post your comments letting us know how wrong we are, how we can’t tell the difference between beef and soybean burgers, how our taste buds have been ruined by years of binge drinking, and how we have been taking bribes and blood money from the San Antonio burger mafia.

So who are these Elite Eight of the San Antonio Burger World?? Drum roll, please . . . .

#8 – Fatty’s – Fluffy, Sweet Buns (like your momma) makes this burger divine!

#7 – Chester’s – Oft-maligned, San Antonio burger institution (but it has lots of BEER)


#5 – Longhorn Café – There’s something in the sauce that makes it just right.

#4 – Gourmet Burger Grill – Fancy, Schmancy Grilling Sensations!

#3 – The Lord’s Kitchen – Inspiration from Above

#2 – Bobby’s J’s – In Memory of Bobby

#1 – Chris Madrid’s – The King of San Antonio Burgers . . . or are they?

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!! We have been reading your comments all year and we acknowledge that our opinions can differ dramatically from yours. So we are also running a reader’s bracket. You will have a chance to have your collective voices heard. You, too, can pick the winners among these match-ups.

SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND START YOUR GASTRIC JUICES FLOWING! We will release the polls this coming Sunday (March 14th).


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