Chester's vs. Bobby J's

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Winner: Bobby J's, by a 6 to 0 vote.

Bobby J’s vs. Chester’s is a unique matchup against one of San Antonio’s well known establishments, versus an up-and-comer in the SA Burger scene located on the outskirts of town. There was a time growing up when Chester’s couldn’t be beat. Unfortunately, they have gotten a little too big for themselves and seem to forget all the little things that it takes to come out a true winner. Bobby J’s on the other hand is a very solid burger. I prefer a large patty cooked to perfection with crispy edges along with a buttery bun and plenty of fixins. My vote is for Bobby J’s, but let’s see what others had to say:


Chesters – I’ve never been overly impressed with Chester’s. It’s a solid burger, but a standard bun and toppings just doesn’t get it the extra points to win the game in my opinion.

Bobby J’s – On our visit to Bobby J’s for this matchup, I’m sorry to say the burger wasn’t up to Bobby J’s usual excellent standards. It was missing that special flavor that I believe makes Bobby J’s a champion. Regardless, a solid ½ pound, juicy patty and fresh condiments gives Bobby J’s the winning two-point shot in the last seconds.

Burgermeister Meisterburger

Chester’s – Chester’s is a solid, well rounded team. But without a solid point guard (the BURGER), they are just not going to hang around with any topnotch burger joint teams. Chester’s burger is tasty and well put together, but has nothing that totally blows away the competition. Chester’s other dimensions (its sides, milkshakes, fantastic beer selection, and comfortable ambience) all make a great overall experience and make it worth a visit, but the burger itself just won’t go deeper in the tournament.

Bobby J’s – I did not go to the burger-blogger’s first visit to Bobby J’s. I have heard about the Helotes burger sensation and have been dying to sink my teeth into a Bobby J’s delight. So on a Saturday night, I packed up Frau Meisterburger and the three Meisterburger offspring (Brunhilda, Adolf and baby Heinrich – we call him Heine for short) and head off to Bobby J’s. Like Madrid’s, I think I built a Bobby J shrine in my head before even placing my order. It is a good burger, but I was not overwhelmed, as I had expected to be. I asked for jalapenos, but got none. They missed our fried pickle order. I am hoping I went on an off night, because my Bobby J’s burger and experience did not meet my expectations.

In a disappointing match-up on both sides, Bobby J’s barely survived to make it to the next round. Since it is next facing up against either Bracken or Lord’s, Bobby J’s may go down in dramatic fashion.

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