Chris Madrid's vs. Fatty's

Posted by Justice Warren E. Burger | | Posted On Friday, March 19, 2010 at 3:01 PM

Winner: Chris Madrid's, by a 6 to 3 vote

This was a surprisingly close call. Most thought Chris Madrid's would win by a mile, but as the comments show, CM might be slipping a little. Here are the bloggers' impressions and votes:

Where's the Beef:

Fatty’s- I repeat my comments from the TJ's vs. Fatty's matchup. The burger was incredibly flavorful and their homemade bun was sweet, fluffy and delicious. Beer battered onion rings completed the fantastic experience. Fatty's definitely has the potential to be the Cinderella of the burger bracket.

Madrid’s- I've had better experiences at Madrid's. I don’t know if it was the macho sized cheddar-cheesy, but my burger this trip was way too salty. While still delicious, this leaves Madrid's open to an upset. While sides do not factor into this competition, I think it is highly pretentious of Madrid's to have such crummy side offerings. The fries are undercooked, and if you order them "well done" they come out burnt to a crisp. There no ring, tot or chip options.

In the upset of the century, I vote for Fatty's. Fatty's Burger haunts my dreams, unlike Chris Madrid's. I know this will be controversial, but I can't ignore the truth.

Chief Justice Warren E. Burger:

Chris Madrid's. I have long been an overwhelming fan of Madrid's. Before we started the blog it was favorite, and after this last visit, it remains my favorite. It beats Fatty's in a landslide. But I have to admit it - it might be slipping a little. There might be some others that catch up. Should be an interesting tournament. The burger was very good, but not great. A small lack of flavor in the burger, and the bun wasn't as buttery as I remember.

Fatty's. Two words: very average. A decent burger, and good bun, but nothing special.

CM gets the early win, but it needs to work on its jump shot, or some young upstart like Gourmet Burger Grill is going to beat it at the free throw line.

Prefers His Tots Tatered:

Chris Madrid’s

Sometimes, when you’re on top, you can have lapses where you just don’t bring you’re A-game. We’ve all seen it where the presumed champ just waltzes into a matchup and thinks that they can just go through the motions and win. Well, I am sad to say that Chris Madrid’s had one of these days. There’s no doubt as to Chris Madrid’s historic consistency in all things burger related, but on our latest outing, their performance wasn’t up to the standards of a tournament champion. The burgers were somewhat lukewarm and dare I say there was almost too much cheese. It was at the level of gimmicky. So sad that they couldn’t be at their best during the post-season but these things happen.


It had been a while since we first visited this relatively unknown and unheralded burger joint, but I soon remembered why this place made the post-season. The burgers are plump and juicy, but the real showstopper is the homemade bun. Fatty’s buns are warm, fresh and almost have a sweetness to them. My only Monday Morning Quarterback critique is their use of a patty forming machine. The patty’s were too well shaped. While the meat was fresh and they tasted good, the appearance was an undesirable hockey puck look. It doesn’t take all that much time to form your own patties.

Winner – Fatty’s! You read that right, a number 1 seed finally loses in round 1.

Buergermeister Meisterburger:

Fatty’s – The burger is thick and juicy, but again, mine seemed to have some kind of filler in it. If I want veggies in my burger, I’ll ask my mom to cook me one (wasn’t that an Eddie Murphy schtick?) Maybe I was merely hallucinating small chunk of potatoes into the burger . . . Also, the sweet, fluffy bun is just not my thing.

Madrid’s – Did not bring the “A” game when I went there on a busy Friday. (Hint: If you are trying to beat a lunch crowd, don’t go at 11:15 – wait until about 12:30). I love Madrid burgers, covered in melted cheddar with a ton of jalapenos on top. However, whether I had built up the awesomeness of this burger in my mind to the point where it could not meet expectations or whether Chris’ kitchen staff simply had an off day, I was slightly let down.

Madrid’s in a close one (but it sure as heck did not cover the point spread!)


Fatty’s – I hit Fatty’s on what I believe was an off-day for them. My burger came out a little on the cool side and didn’t bring much in the way of juiciness. I’m still a big fan of the buns at Fatty’s (I’d say they are PHAT), but, in my opinion, buns alone couldn’t save Fatty’s and Fatty’s misses the game winning shot.

Madrid’s – I have eaten at Chris Madrid’s probably hundreds of times and never experienced an off-day. Interestingly enough, my visit to Madrid’s for this matchup was an off-day – so the matchup against Fatty’s was at least even. My Madrid’s burger had all the regular fixings and the meat was seasoned perfectly as usual, but it was missing that magical something that gives the burger the slam dunk play that beats all others. Regardless, Madrid’s brought enough flavor and heat to leave Fatty’s puffing in the dust. Even on a bad day, a Chris Madrid’s burger is hard to beat.

Winner – Madrid’s.

Flying Dutch Man:

Madrids was an above average burger, but they were definitely having an off day. Still, the burger was seasoned well and tasty.

Our meat at Fatty’s was undercooked and the patty was weak.

Fry Daddy:

Everyone knows Chris Madrid’s has the best burger in San Antonio, right? Well on any other day everyone may be right, but in my opinion Chris Madrid’s choked at game time in the faceoff against Fatty’s and delivered – for the first time in my memory – a less than stellar burger. The cheddar cheese spilling off my Cheddar Cheezy burger was delicious as always, but the meat was a bit too dry and the bun was burnt (some people may call that charring, I suppose).

On the other hand, the homemade bun on the Ref’s Burger was delicious, soft and satisfying. The thick 8 oz. patty was cooked just right – hot and juicy but not so pink that I worried about intestinal troubles later in the day. Having a cheese other than plain American on the burger would have been nice, but overall Fatty’s brought it’s A game with a very tasty burger.

I know many in San Antonio would view a defeat of Chris Madrid’s by Fatty’s as a huge upset and would blame the final result on some bad calls by the refs, but in my honest opinion, Fatty’s prevails as the better burger in this matchup.

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