First Round Polls

Posted by Hamburglar | | Posted On Friday, March 12, 2010 at 1:06 PM

March Fatness has begun! If you missed the announcement on what we are doing, please click here. Basically, we've taken our top burger joint picks and seeded them against each other in the spirit of March Madness, and we are letting you, our readers, have a pick as to which burger joint should move on to the next round. The polls are open for voting (below) and now is your chance to let your voice (or mouse click) be heard. We encourage you to check out the burger joints, be thoughtful about your picks and enjoy some great burgers! Also, we ask that the Rackers in the cloud computing world out there go easy on the polls and not try to stack the votes - we aren't computer programmers by any means; well, one of us may be, but we can't get him to own up to it.

The polls will close this Friday, March 19, 2009. At that point, we'll announce the winning burger joints picked by our readers that will advance to the next round, along with the burger joints that we picked to advance. Now on to the polls!

Chris Madrid's vs. Fatty's

Review of Chris Madrid's
Review of Fatty's

GBG vs. Longhorn Cafe

Review of Gourmet Burger Grill
Review of Longhorn Cafe

Bracken Store Cafe vs. Lord's Kitchen

Review of Bracken Store Cafe
Review of Lord's Kitchen

Chester's vs. Bobby J's

Review of Chester's
Review of Bobby J's


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