Round 2 - Bobby J's vs. Bracken Store Cafe

Posted by Burgermeister Meisterburger | | Posted On Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 5:16 PM

Bracken shuts down Bobby J's 7-0.

Fry Daddy

I have been to each of these burger places only twice. If I were to compare my initial visits to each, this would have been a closer call, but on my recent official visit Bobby J’s half-pound cheeseburger was a disappointment. The meat was overdone and the burger was a bit heavy on the mayo. Overall, it was a good burger but just didn’t have the chops to conquer the incomparable Bracken Store Café, which has been amazing on both of my recent visits. My cheeseburger at Bracken had a patty that was juicy, perfectly seasoned and so thick that I had a hard time believing it was only half a pound (or fitting it in my mouth). The toppings were all fresh, the bun was nicely toasted and the total combination made this burger the clear winner in this matchup. Whatever burger faces off against Bracken Store Café in the finals had better bring it’s A+ game, because Bracken’s burger is the BOMB!

Winner: Bracken Store Café

Justice Warren E. Burger

Bracken over Bobby J’s. Simply put, Bracken is one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten in San Antonio (and I've lived here my whole damn life). This joint clearly deserves its shot against Madrid's.

Burgermesiter Meisterburger

I have visited both these places twice and the result is the same for me every time. Bracken is clearly the better burger. But just to ensure that my taste buds weren't fooling me, I took the two older offspring (Brunhilda and Adolf) to Bracken this week. They don't have wimpy quarter pound burgers at Bracken, so both kids order a full half-pounder along with Papa.

Needless to say, Adolf only finished half of his, so I packed it to go. When I arrived back at Castle Neuschwanstein, I addressed Frau Meisterburger:

"Woman, you must eat this leftover burger! To not do so would be wasteful and against every fiber of our German beings!"

Even though the burger had been off the grill for nearly an hour, she loved it. That staying power indicates what a fantastic piece of meat Bracken serves up, and staying power is a very German quality.

Bracken by a mile.

Likes His Nuts Tatered, Too!

Bobby J’s

Wow, this competition was a tough one as these are probably my two favorite places to go to. Bobby J’s is a superb burger that masterfully blends all of the components to make a delicious burger. I will say though that at my latest visit, the burger lacked a little of its usual fantastic taste. I couldn’t tell if it wasn’t greasy/buttery enough or if there wasn’t enough mayo, but something was slightly off. Still, it’s a fantastic burger.

Bracken Café

I have to say, this is a damn good burger. The patty is thick, juicy, and has those nice crispy pieces on the edges. If I had to have one critique, it would be that the bun needs to be softer with more butter. I think they toast them without butter which almost borders on being slightly dry. Still, the burger overcomes this slight and is a true champ.

My vote goes to Bracken Store Cafe.

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