Round 2 - Chris Madrid's vs. GBG

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Will the SA Burger King fall prey to the flashy, new player in the tournament, with all their different looks and options? This match-up is akin to Kansas vs. Northern Iowa. Kansas is a storied program with a deep history; Northern Iowa has Ali Faroukmanesh, Elgelbert (spelling?) and some German kid named "Koch" (pronounced "Coke")! Well, unlike the 2nd round of this year's real tournament, the old-timer wins.

Chris Madrid's over GBG 4 to 3.

Likes His Tots Tatered:


Everyone in the blog knows my thoughts about GBG as I have not been shy about voicing my opinion about this place. The burger just doesn’t belong in this tourney. First off, the restaurant is located in a sterile shopping center in the pretentious Stone Oak area, which severely takes away from your burger joint state of mind. Second, the cheese burger is just ok. Sure, the meat is top notch, but that’s all they got. The other fancy options are nice and different, but aren’t comparable to other burgers. It should tell you something when a burger joint can’t stand behind their basic burgers and have to hide behind a gimmicky gourmet theme. The burger is by no means bad, just not one of the city’s best.

Chris Madrid’s

CM’s gets a lucky break by being in the soft half of the bracket. They get a free ride to the finals because they never had to go up against the stiffer competition in The Lord’s Kitchen, Bracken CafĂ©, and Bobby J’s. CM’s is definitely a good burger, and deserves to be among SA’s best. But the question will always remain: is the burger only good because of the mountain of cheese on top? Who cares, CM’s wins in a landslide.

Where's the Beef?

I know how unpopular GBG is with some of our bloggers. I totally disagree. GBG slays Madrid’s in almost every category, perhaps with the exception of sodium content. There is no doubt that Madrid’s is the home town favorite and they make a really good burger, but better things have come along. That better thing is GBG. I vote for GBG to move on to the championship game.

Justice Warren E. Burger

Madrid’s over GBG. GBG arguably has a better burger patty, but Madrid’s beats GBG overall because of the buttery bun and delicious cheese.

Fry Daddy

This was a close one for me. I am a fan of both of these places, which serve burgers on opposite ends of the good burger spectrum. Chris Madrid’s is the greasy spoon hometown favorite, while GBG is a gourmet burger place with variations on the traditional burger that for the most part are both innovative and delicious. While I was impressed on my recent official visit to each of these places, I have to cast my vote for Madrid’s on this one. Since I felt that on this matchup it was best to compare apples to apples, I ordered a traditional cheeseburger at GBG rather than one of the more exotic menu options. While GBG would have won my vote were this competition based on the meat alone (since GBG’s thick patty is clearly superior in quality to CM’s thin but well seasoned patty), the burger as a whole did not blow me away. The Chris Madrid’s burger, on the other hand, is clearly more than the sum of its parts, all of the elements coming together to make a delicious and satisfying burger.

Winner: Chris Madrid’s

Other Bloggers:

Hamburglar and I picked GBG, but #2 with Cheese breaks the tie in favor of Madrid's.

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