Round 2 Results

Posted by Burgermeister Meisterburger | | Posted On Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 5:40 PM

Remember, we are running two tournaments: A Bloggers' Tournament and a Readers' Tournament. The winners below will advance to the finals. We'll open voting on Monday, March 29th.

We are having severe divergence between the Bloggers and the Readers.

The Bloggers' Winners in Round 2:

Chris Madrid's vs. GBG - Chris Madrid's. Our analysis and play-by-play.

Bracken Store Cafe vs. Bobby J's - Bracken Store Cafe. Our analysis and play-by-play.

The Readers' Winners in Round 2:

GBG vs. Fatty's - Fatty's wins by a vote of 1385 to 884 (!). If every one of you voters went to these places this week (which is strongly suggested), Mr. Fatty is rolling in it! I suspect that GBG is run by the Mafia (possibly, the Mexican) as a money-laundering front and has no need for your money.

Bobby J's vs. Lord's Kitchen - Lord's Kitchen. Wins by a vote of 69 to 60.

WOW! With these results, Lord's is in for the fight of its life next week. Since the Burgermeister thinks you Fatty's-lovers are waaaaay over-rating this place, I am putting out a call to the Lord's Army to bring it BIG and send the FATTY Ladies packing in the final round!!!

The Polls for the Final Round will open this Monday.


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