Review #47: San Antonio Burger Co.

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Our quest to find San Antonio's best hamburger has taken us to a number of exotic locales, including Bracken and Helotes. Our recent venture to San Antonio Burger Co. did not offer similar culture, as it's located at a strip mall in the Medical Center area. We hoped its burger would make up for it.

San Antonio Burger Co. is considerably proud of its burger, which, at least according to its door, consists of 100% Black Angus Beef.

This prestigious designation is reserved for only the finest of burger purveyors, such as Carl's Jr. This piqued our interest. What delicious criteria distinguish 100% Black Angus meat products from the inferior meat peddlers?

In order to be labeled "Certified Angus Beef" by USDA Graders, the cattle must have: 1) less than 1,000 pound hot carcase weight; 2) less than one-inch fat thickness; 3) no hump on the neck exceeding 2 inches; and 4) no dark cutting characteristics. In addition to other criteria, the cattle must be practically free of capillary rupture. My mouth is watering already...

In case you're seeking something to eat that is totally free of capillary rupture, San Antonio Burger Co. offers a wide variety of menu options, including salads, cheesesteak, and hot wings.

But at the San Antonio Burger Blog, we stick with what we know--burgers. Here's what our bloggers thought about the 100% Angus Beef.

Burger: 4 out of 10

The burger was less than mediocre. It was undercooked and lacked flavor. When the most tasty part of the burger experience is the bun, you know you've got problems.

Here's what our bloggers thought:

Hamburglar: "The Certified Angus Beef sign on the window of the restaurant led me to believe that this burger was a contender for a top spot in our rankings, but after taking a bite I was sadly dissapointed. The burger lacked flavor and was even uninspiring. I gues Certified Angus Beef patties aren't all they're cracked up to be; hell, even McDonald's is selling them now."

Fry Daddy: "San Antonio Burger Co. seems like it's attempting to be the next gourmet burger joint in town, but it's a half-hearted attempt at best. The homemade artisan rolls have nothing on the fresh baked buns at Fatty's, Biff Buzby's or Gourmet Burger Grill. The critical burger-to-bun ration is way off. It seemed that each bite I took consisted mostly of bread. Perhaps this isn't entirely accurate, since the real problem may have been that the flavor of the bread completely overpowered the taste of the beef, which in my opinion was quite bland."

Burger Boy: "This burger was not spectacular, primarily because the meat was bland. Aside from the oversized bun, any old fast food chain could serve up a similar burger."

Sides: 6 out of 10

The sides were slightly above average. We were impressed by the variety of offerings. SABC offers fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings. The regular fries had chili pepper seasoning, which was a nice feature. Our bloggers rated the sides as mediocre:

Hamburglar: "The Chili-pepper on the fries added some zing, but couldn't make up for the mediocre fry quality. The onion rings were undercooked and were difficult to take a bite of without pulling the entire ring out of the breading. You know the type."

Burger Boy: "I thought the fries were actually pretty decent, and the dusting of chili powder to the top gave them an extra zing."

Fry Daddy: "SABC's onion rings were muy terrible, but the sweet potato fries and regular fries were decent."

Ambience: 4.5 out of 10

SABC has all the ambience of a dentist's office waiting room. No one was impressed:

Hamburglar: "Just what I'd expect from a strip mall burger joint location."

Fry Daddy: "SABC has the decor of a fast food restaurant in a strip mall location."

Burger Boy: "Strip-mall sterile sums it up nicely."

If you don't live around the medical center area, you likely will never experience this mediocre burger establishment. But next time you decide to pull a vicious prank, consider ordering a dozen burgers and having them delivered to your unsuspecting nemesis.


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