Review #48 - Crave Burger

Posted by Justice Warren E. Burger | | Posted On Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 10:07 AM

It's been a few months since the Burger Bloggers hit up the strip mall splendor of Crave Burger. (Both March Fatness and the laziness of a certain blogger are both to blame.) So if this place has significantly improved in the last 3 months, or conversely, if it has gotten so terrible that it no longer exists - my bad.

Crave Burger sits at the corner of Loop 410 and Babcock, smack dab in one of the more drab and tired looking strip malls we've visited. You can't tell from the picture, but you could see the letters of the previous tenant on the marquee - so I'm guessing the location is not exactly a primo spot. But, we've visisted diamonds in the rough before, so we went in with high hopes.

Ambiance: 5 If you can get over the strip mall location, the inside of the place wasn't too bad. It was clean, relatively modern, although not much in the way of personality. A few Betty Boop paintings on the walls were odd but weirdly endearing. Burger Boy aptly dubbed this place "strip mall chic", although we agreed it was heavy on the strip mall, light on the chic. There was also a strange lack of tables (only 2) versus tons of stools.

Burger: 6 Crave has a solid, if not spectactular burger. Probably above average, but not by much. We all appreciated the choice of a sourdough burger vs. the regular bun - although we noticed the bags that the regular buns came in looked suspiciously like those that can be bought at a local grocery store named after a certain body part.

We thought the burger was pretty juicy and the toppings were fresh - as you can see from the drool inducing photo below. Burger Boy gave his burger a 6 because he could put a fried egg on it - extra grease being the highway to Burger Boy's heart.

Sides: 6 Much like the burgers, the sides were good but not great. Fry Daddy popped a couple of hot tator tots into his mouth and was mostly impressed, although I think the hot grease might have burnt his taste buds and clouded his judgment, because the other bloggers weren't as impressed with the sides. A big disappointment was the lack of onion rings. We did appreciate the option of fresh potato chips, but we must have not cared that much because nobody ordered them.

Despite the uninspiring location, we all left with our bellies full. A solid burger, some hot tator tots - not a bad way to spend the lunch hour. (Just don't be the 3rd group to get there or you'll be sitting on a stool.)


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