Review #50 - Fattboy Burgers & Dogs

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We’re back…

But, that is NOT us in the picture above. Have you forgotten that we are anonymous burger bloggers who lovingly post reviews about burger joints in San Antonio? Since we haven’t written anything new in months, it is understandable how you might forget. We apologize for the hiatus. Luckily for all of us (you included, dear reader), while we were on a break several new burger joints have sprung up in San Antonio, and we have been reinvigorated to explore these strange new dives, to seek out new burger life and new burger civilizations, to boldly go where no burger blogger has gone before…

The first stop on this renewed burger train is Fattboy Burgers & Dogs located at 2345 Vance Jackson Road. We showed up a little before the lunch time rush and before we knew it, there wasn’t an open table in the place. Word to the wise, get there before noon, or you might be relegated to the outside seating, which during the San Antonio summers can make for a sweat drenched burger adventure. Regardless, a crowd must mean that this burger joint is producing a great burger, right? My answer is a resounding Yes.

The Burger - 8 out of 10

The Fattboy looks to be a no frills burger joint, but I wouldn’t describe the burger as “no frills” by any means. They claim to use fresh, never frozen, Angus beef, and, after tasting the burger, I believe this claim must be true. The ½ pound flavorful beef patty had a great crumbly texture and just the right amount of juiciness. In addition to the fresh beef, the owner informed us that they use the smash technique on the beef while it is on the griddle. Fattboy’s smash technique results in a thick patty with a seared crust - simply smashing. The appropriately griddled sesame seed bun on my Fattboy with cheese was like icing on the cake. Well done, Fattboy, well done.

But don’t just take my word for it:

Fry Daddy - The Fattboy is a no-frills burger that knocks it out of the park by focusing on the fundamentals. The Angus beef patty was moist and hot and, thankfully, had not had the living daylights pounded out of it by the Fattchef, so it fell apart deliciously in my mouth. The bun was toasted on both sides, and the burger was held together by ample amounts of melted cheddar cheese.

Burger Boy - The griddle-fried crumbly angus patty was greasy and delicious. I especially enjoyed that asking for “all the way” got you about 8 different condiments, automatically because I don’t like to delay my eating by naming every single side.

Caesar Angus-tus - Everything you want in a patty – juicy, flavorful, and hearty. Only complaint: a little too greasy.

Sides - 6 out of 10

Well, you can’t win them all. The hand cut fries had potential, but fell a bit short in the execution department. We’re not saying the fries were bad; they were just missing that certain something. Fry Daddy summed it up best: “The fries were decent but unspectacular and the rings were a bit of a disappointment, tasting very much like those you might buy at Burger King.”

On the plus side, if you consider ice cream a side, Fattboys offers up a good selection of our home state’s very own Blue Bell. We opted to skip dessert with lunch on this particular trip, mostly because the burger was so filling, but also because the Fattboy above looked so menacing with the ice cream. We’ll have to sample the ice cream next time, once we build up our courage.

Ambiance – 7 out of 10

(come sit beneath the Fattboy and take your pummeling)

I’d call it a little jazzed up no-frills ambiance with a friendly atmosphere. A place to come and get your grub on and then get back to business. Here’s what the other bloggers thought:

Fry Daddy- Nothing amazing in terms of atmosphere, although the local artwork on the walls was a nice touch. However, the friendliness of the proprietors (one of whom took our order and one of whom served us our burgers, and both of whom were very eager to please) bumps this rating up a couple points. Next time I vow to order something off of the very tempting Wall of Ice Cream.

Burger Boy- Standard strip mall décor, with some pretty cool hip-hop (urban?) style artwork on the walls.

Caesar Angus-tus - The décor was a good mix of local sports homage and quirky art that made for a down-home burger joint feel.


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